Some Of My Works

I’m a Graphic Designer and Website Designer with over 4 years of experience producing beautiful and high quality websites, logos, brochures, photo editing and more. I enjoy being of help and bringing great value to my clients in their industries.

Changed Sky And Grass

I enhanced the colors for the sky and the grass to make the photo look much better than original

Removed Green Boxes

Do you have great photos but something in that photo needs to be removed? I’ll gladly help remove objects from complex backgrounds

Perfect Selection

Do you maybe have an ecommerce store and you need perfect product photos? I can profesionally remove the background so that you’re products look perfect!

Logo Design

I’ve enjoyed creating beautiful and professional logos for multiple companies.

Contact me for your great looking logo!

Websites For Real Estate Company

I created numerous individual websites, for multi-million dollar properties up for sale for the real estate agency i’m collaborating with. I also digitally enhance multiple property photos virtually…

Vacation Rental House

It’s a pure pleasure to work on graphic design and websites for these industries. They participate in life’s most beautiful moments like birthday parties, celebrating holidays with friends and family or just relaxation – I enjoy retouching these kinds of photos of happy people and creating compelling websites.

Website For Unique House Which Now Is A Museum

I have created a website for a great “Usonian Automatic” house by America’s most important architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. It is one of only seven Usonian Automatic houses to survive.

Online Stores

Do you have multiple products that use the same packaging with just different labels and cap colors? for example, milk with different fat percentage. Give me the image of a single products and i’ll digitally re-create the rest so that you don’t have to shoot photos of your every single product variation

Website For Restaurant “Fratellos"

After manually selecting the most beautiful photos of delicious, mouth-watering food dishes, I enhance them digitally and prepare them to order for placement on the website…